Depictions of the Missing

Artwork by Mark Renner

Mark Renner Art Exhibit

The human characters portrayed in my work share a commonality with much of mankind. Often engaged in a search for deeper meaning, they are sojourners, agrarian and nomadic, frequently adrift in some imaginary terrain. Some are downcast, others cast aside, sometimes entangled in the human struggles that come with living, burdened by the problems endemic in their own nature. They are noble and weary workers driven to wander in a desire for forgetting—some by a hope that lies beyond their current circumstance. I have long been drawn to the unadorned ways and idioms of humanity, mining for the beauty among the ignoble. I grasp in my painting to convert the swellings of the inward imagination into a work that would provoke deeper examination.

– Artist, Mark Renner

Artreach Gallery

The ArtReach Gallery graces the walls of Watson Hall at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church and is the work of the Visual Arts Committee of LLUMC and is sponsored by the Lovers Lane Foundation. All artwork is for sale unless otherwise indicated. Purchase prices are available upon request.  A portion (25%) of all sale proceeds benefits the Lovers Lane Foundation.

Visual Arts Committee

We are always looking for artists or individuals with an interest in art to serve on or Visual Arts Committee.   Let us know if you would be interested  —  we would love to talk to you about it!  Serving on this committee is a great way to serve the art community and Lovers Lane United Methodist Church and its Foundation

To volunteer for our Visual Arts Committee, contact  Marilyn Eitzen-Jones or Margaret Mall

Marilyn Jones: | 214-350-4205

Margaret Mall: | 214.794.9355

Purchase Information

Contact Paul Ditto at 214-706-9561 or email

  • Art Exhibit:
  • Reception:
  • Aug. 17 – Oct. 10
  • Sunday, Sept. 16
    Watson Hall
    12:00 PM
    Music by the Lovers Lane
    Jazz Band Combo