The Foundation exists for one reason and one reason only, and that is to serve our church, its ministries, and its members. Each quarter, we will spotlight a different endowment and the many tangible ways it has benefited Lovers Lane.


Our endowments consist of more than  40 separate endowments, each benefiting a specific aspect of our Church or its ministries, including Youth Programs and Young Adult Activities, Kids Ministry, Music Ministries, Austin’s Army, Facility Maintenance and Repairs, Lecture Series, Numerous Scholarships, Deaf Ministries, Benevolence, the ArtReach Gallery in Watson Hall, the Shepherd’s Garden, and our Kenya Ministries, just to name a few.  

Let’s Focus Here on The Arnold Endowment Fund

New Lovers Lane Podcast studio funded by the Arnold Endowment Fund

The Arnold Endowment Fund

One of those Endowments is our Arnold Endowment Fund, which was established in 2000 by Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Arnold to assist, support, and help LLUMC with communication and technology needs. In the early years, the Arnold Fund helped to purchase microphones, a new telephone system, computer upgrades for our website, and closed-captioning equipment.  Recently, over the past few years, the Arnold Endowment has made grants to LLUMC totaling more than $78,000. Those grants fully funded:

  • Upgraded sound control board and wireless microphones in Shipp Chapel
  • Wireless access points around the LLUMC campus
  • Enhanced internet/Wi-Fi connections all across the church campus (which made live streaming possible)
  • New computer peripherals for church staff (monitors, mice, keyboards, etc.)
  • Added security cameras on the church side of our campus
  • Larger video screens and major lighting enhancements in Shipp Chapel
  • Upgraded wall-mounted digital video monitors around the church campus
  • Upgraded computer server and email system
  • Equipment needed to set up a new LLUMC Podcast studio

Watch this informative video from our IT Director and Director of Communications as he shows us first hand all that the Arnold Fund has done for our church recently.

Next, we are working on a grant to allow our Walnut Church location to begin live streaming! 

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Watch this informative video from IT Director & Director of Communications, DJ Wilkerson: