Elizabeth Alexander &
Richard J. Price Distinguished Cross & Crown

The Cross and Crown was established in 2009 and it is presented each year at the annual “Friends of the Foundation” Donor Recognition Dinner.

The Cross and Crown recipient(s) are presented with a small replica of the Cross and Crown now hanging in the Church Sanctuary.  Elizabeth Alexander Price presented the Sanctuary’s Cross and Crown to LLUMC on Sunday, August 24, 2008.

Criteria for the Cross & Crown

Candidates for consideration should be member(s) of LLUMC and possess the following attributes: A Christian-centered life with quality in all things; principled with the highest life standards; dedicated and highly focused; optimistic with a love of life and excitement for the future; and service-oriented.

Past Recipients

  • Carmyn Neely – 2009
  • Judy and Jim Gibbs – 2010
  • Betty Korioth – 2011
  • Dr. Walter Hoy – 2012
  • David McLaurin / Posthumously – 2013
  • Frank Jackson – 2014
  • Sandra and Henry Estess – 2015
  • Jim (posthumously) and Barbara McCormick – 2016
    Arch (posthumously) and Babs Owen – 2016
  • Chuck and Beth Thoele – 2017