Endowment Funds and Guardianships

The Foundation currently has more than 35 Permanent Endowment Funds and 10 Guardianships, each of which has been established by one or more of our members (or a ministry of the church) to serve a specific need.  Contributions that do not specify one of our permanent endowment funds or guardianships are deposited into the Foundation’s Unrestricted Fund.  The Unrestricted Fund can be used for any purpose determined appropriate by the Foundation Board, including to fund the administrative expenses of the Foundation.

To establish a new permanent endowment or guardianship, the initial gift or deposit must be at least $25,000.

Below is a brief description of each of our Endowment Funds and Guardianships:

Administration of the Foundation (1)

Administration Expense Fund to be used to support the ministry and administration of the Foundation. (est. 2007)

Benevolence, Outreach and Mission Funds (6)

  1. Congregational Care Fund to be used for the various programs of Congregation Care to include: Bereavement, Convalescent Care & Continuing Care, HeartStrings, Heart Team, Men’s Prayer Breakfast, Ministry Team, 90+ Birthdays and Stephen Ministry. (est. 2012)
  2. Dancer Fund to be used for the benevolence of needy persons seeking financial aid from the church; both members and nonmembers. (est. 2006)
  3. David McLaurin Outreach Fund to be used for mission outreach as directed and requested by the Outreach Committee. (est. 2006)
  4. Special Requests Fund to be used for the emergency needs of staff or church members. (est. 2009)
  5. YAM Fund (Young Adult Ministry) to be used to support the young adult ministry and young adults through education, program development and scholarships. (est. 2010)
  6. Anderson Evangelism Fund to be used for all areas of young adult and family evangelism (established in 2014).

Campus Repair and Maintenance (8)

  1. Eckam Fund to be used for the maintenance of the Shepherd’s Garden and Columbarium. (est. 2010)
  2. Folsom Family Fund for Shipp Chapel to be used for the maintenance of the Shipp Chapel. (est. 2014)
  3. General Maintenance Fund to be used for the maintenance and repair of LLUMC Buildings and Grounds. (est. 1991)
  4. Redman Fund to be used for the maintenance and repair of Wesley Chapel and other buildings. (est. 2006)
  5. Simons Fund to be used for the maintenance and repair of the LLUMC Sanctuary. (est. 1981)
  6. Theron Ewert Fund to be used for maintenance of the Shepherds Garden and Columbarium, as well as the remainder of the LLUMC grounds and facilities. (est. 2016)
  7. Frank Jackson Maintenance Fund supports maintenance and repairs of facilities at LLUMC (est 2018)
  8. 12th Step Ministry – Phillips Family Fund provides support to the LLUMC 12th Step Ministry, including maintenance of the CSD Building (est. 2019)

Technology & Communications (1)

  1. Arnold Fund to be used for the repair or purchase of LLUMC communication equipment. (est. 2000)

Education (9)

  1. Academy for the Deaf Fund to be used for student tuition and career development scholarships (staff) and scholarships for deaf students, including those in the Deaf Academy and Deaf Ministry. (est. 2012)
  2. Berkeley Fund to be used for ministerial staff development and continuing education. (est. 2000)
  3. Bruce Fund for Youth to be used for education/curriculum, post-high school scholarships, speakers, building leadership qualities and developing philanthropy at an early age. (est. 2013)
  4. Wiggans Fund scholarship to be awarded to a deserving graduating senior of LLUMC, Christ’s Foundry, Trinity River Mission, Wesley Rankin or Bethlehem Center. (est. 2001)
  5. Montgomery Kenya Post-High School Scholarship Fund provides post-secondary education scholarships to Kenya students recommended by the elders of the Methodist Church of Kirogine, Kenya (est. 2017)
  6. African Worship Scholarship Fund provides post-high school scholarships for members of the Zimbabwean and Heart of Africa Worship Communities (est. 2018)
  7. LLUMC Staff Seminary Scholarship Fund provides scholarship assistance to staff of LLUMC pursuing seminary degrees (est. 2018)
  8. Angela Jamison Scholarship Fund provides scholarship to post-high school female students pursuing performing or visual art studies (est 2019)
  9. Kenya Student Sponsorship Fund provides supplemental assistance to LLUMC’s Kenya Student Sponsorship Program (est 2019)

Emergency Needs (1)

  1. Emergency Capital Fund to be used for emergency needs of the church. (est. 2006)

Lecture Series (3)

  1. McCormick Lectures to fund and sponsor an annual or bi-annual lay speaker who has the ability to enrich one’s personal and spiritual journey. (est. 1986)
  2. Owen Lenten Lectures to fund and sponsor an annual speaker during Holy Week. (est. 1981)
  3. Shipp Lectures to honor the first full-time pastor of LLUMC, Tom Shipp, with the purpose of bringing to the metroplex dynamic preachers who are on the cutting edge of ministry. (est. 2001)

Music and Visual Arts (3)

  1. Clarece Candamio Fund was established in recognition of the service and retirement of Clarece Candamio to establish a permanent endowment fund with the LLUMC Foundation for the enhancement of worship through music. (est. 2013)
  2. Eitzen-Jones Memorial Fund for the Visual Arts to be used for rotating art shows within the church. (est. 2007)
  3. Hughes Estate Fund available for music related expenses. (est. 1999)

Other (3)

  1. LLUMC Deaf Ministry Trust Fund provides support to the Deaf Ministry of LLUMC (est. 2015)
  2. Carolyn and Starke Taylor Fund for Austin’s Army to fund and support a Sunday morning program that mainstreams special needs kids through trained helpers. (est. 2016)
  3. Laura Moore Leadership Development Fund providing funds to develop Deaf Leadership primarily from, with and for the Lovers Lane d/Deaf community (est. 2018)

Guardianships (10)

  • Don Bearden Music Ministry Guardianship to be used to support the choir, contract professional instrumentalists and vocalists for seasonal concerts, maintenance and repair of the pipe organs and pianos, commissions for new choral compositions, benevolence scholarships for choristers, and conductors for special concerts, training events, retreats or camps. (est. 2012)
  • Hughes Trust to be used for musician scholarships and seasonal concerts. Permanently Restricted (est. 1999)
  • Hughes Maintenance Account. Temporarily Restricted (est. 1999)
  • Rays of Light Guardianship o be used to support special needs children and their families. (est. 2010)
  • Austin’s Army Guardianship to be used to fund the work of Austin’s Army during the first 3 years (2016-2018).
  • Deaf Ministry Guardianship
  • Serenity House Guardianship
  • Jamie Coleman Guardianship for Needy Children
  • Wesley Prep Guardianship
  • 12th Step CSD Guardianship