Who We Are…

The Lovers Lane Foundation provides financial support for Lovers Lane United Methodist Church and its ministries through the faithful giving of the members of our church, like you, to be used in areas of charity, education, religion,- and benevolence, as well as helping the church fund its maintenance costs, the cost of our music programs and our communication and technology needs.

You have all made the church part of your life.   The Foundation is your opportunity to make the church a part of your legacy.

Your gifts to the Foundation are an endowment that will benefit your church in perpetuity.

What We Have Done

Since 1981, the Foundation has grown the stewardship of our donors through well thought out and controlled investments of funds that generate income which allows for perpetual giving to the Church and its ministries. The Foundation currently has total assets of more than $22.6M under management. Of that amount, approximately $16.1M is in our endowment, $3.7M is in guardianship accounts and $2.8M in pledge receivables.    Our permanent endowment is held in more than 30 separate Funds (or endowments) broadly benefiting (i) church preservation and restoration (maintenance & repairs), (ii) the music and visual arts ministries, (iii) education and scholarships, (iv) congregational care, (v) mission and outreach, (vi) technology, (vii) lecture series, (viii) deaf ministry, (ix) special needs, and (x) evangelism,  In 2019, the Foundation was able to support the Maintenance, Ministries, Outreach and Evangelism of the Church with grants totaling more than $410,000, and that does not count support we have provided our church and it ministries from our Guardianships and with loans or emergency capital funding.

In 2019, the Foundation was able to support our church and its ministries in the following capacities and amounts:

Youth & Young Adults $  12,800 Interns & Scholarships $19,700
Benevolence $  22,200 Music Ministries $13,400
Lecture Series $  18,900 Austin’s Army $12,000
ArtReach Gallery $    7,500 Deaf Ministries $  7,200
Technology Upgrades $    8,800 Shipp Chapel Upgrades $33,600
Facilities $257,800    


Grants from the Foundation help our church, its ministries, and its members in the following specific ways:

  • Mission trip scholarships for Lovers Lane Youth and Young Adults
  • Underwriting for Youth, Deaf Ministries and Heart of Africa interns
  • Underwriting large portions of the Young Adult evangelism retreat and Prison Ministry Mission Trip
  • More than $250,000 in campus maintenance and repairs
  • New staff computers, monitors and accessories
  • Window shading, repairs and video screen, sound, and lighting upgrades in Shipp Chapel
  • Underwriting for new campus security cameras
  • Underwriting of the full cost of the McCormick Lecture Series, the Shipp Lecture Series, and the Owen Lenten Lecture Series
  • Assistance with rent, car repairs insurance costs, legal fees, utilities, and home repairs to numerous church members in need
  • Underwriting the full cost of for several AreReach Gallery receptions and exhibits and part of the costs of numerous choir and music programs
  • College Scholarships for 4 LLUMC high school graduating seniors, 2 members of our African Worship communities, 3 Kenya students and 1 Lydia Patterson Institute student.
  • Underwriting of our Estate Planning Ministry
  • Underwriting of a substantial portion of the Austin’s Army Ministry
  • Scholarship Assistance for several pastors
  • Help church families (some with young children) avoid imminent eviction, in one case after an unexpected job loss by the family’s primary breadwinner and in another case after an emergency hospitalization
  • Help a young single mom, abused by her ex-boyfriend, and in need of short-term help with childcare costs in order to avoid losing custody of her children
  • Help an older church member with her utility bills to avert them being cut-off
  • Help one of our pastors with unexpected medical bills

    The Foundation may be the only place where not one single dollar of your contribution to our permanent endowment will be used to fund administrative costs, because, with the Foundation, those expenses are already covered by a separate endowment.  And in fact, the Foundation may be the only place where your contribution to our permanent endowment will not be spent at all –  not one single penny. Unless you tell us otherwise, if you make a contribution to one of our permanent endowments, your contribution will all be held in that permanent endowment and only the income from your contribution will be spent.  Thus creating a legacy, a source of perpetual support for our church.

Your gifts not only sustain the mission of the Foundation, but also contribute to the legacy of our Church – and ensures our Church will be here for many years to come and for future generations. THANK YOU!

In 2020, we expect our support of the church to total more almost $500,000.  Please help us do even more for our church with a contribution today.  Just click on the Give button above  —  no amount is too small.   Thank you!